Government of Laghe


A sweeping empire ruled the land for many years, spanning the lifetimes of 12 emperors. The title was handed down from father to son, and an emperor usually ruled for an average of 60 years. The empire of Halcyon encompassed all of the lands known to the peoples of Laghe, except for the mysterious homeland of the Aeryan. Time passed with periods of prosperity and punctuated by rebellious uprisings (usually when the current emperor was not the greatest).

Brief Timeline

  • Tribal and feudal systems were prevalent; isolation of various peoples of Laghe except along trade routes.
  • First emperor declared; lands of the Halcyon claimed in his name.
  • Second emperor declared; settlement of the Grasswind Plains increases substantially.
  • Third emperor declared; expansionist sentiments sees the peoples of the North encompassed by the empire.
  • Fourth and fifth emperors declared; short reigns due to violent uprisings.
  • Sixth emperor declared; reconciliation of the peoples of the empire.
  • Seventh and eighth emperors declared; time of peace and prosperity.
  • Ninth and tenth emperors declared; severe weather strains relationships of the people of the empire.
  • Eleventh emperor declared; tensions within the empire are heightened and culminate with the premature death of the emperor.
  • Twelfth emperor declared; the empire falls and the peoples of Laghe begin fragmentation.
  • Establishment of the republic; Free City is the site of the signing of the Declaration of Liberation.

Current Events

The mighty empire was toppled within recent memory; the main characters were too young to have played a role in the dissolution of the ruling establishment but were old enough to remember what happened. The actual causes of the break up of the empire are still uncertain, as not enough time has passed for posterity to confirm the facts.

Government of Laghe

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