Welcome to the World of Laghe!

Drama. Intrigue. Indigestion. Welcome to the devious world of Laghe!

This is the campaign homepage. I’ll hopefully have a brief description of the campaign setting up soon. I can also include a list of the PCs, and I’ll work on bringing the story up to speed in the Adventure Log.

Also take a look at the wiki. I thought this is a really neat idea, since there’s a lot of stuff to keep track of that I know you people aren’t writing down.

New Stuff

As I’m figuring out how to work this thing and as I’m finding papers stuck to the bottom of my desk, I’ll be adding new things to this site. Then I’ll list them here so you’ll always have plenty of things to look at while trying to procrastinate effectively.

In the Adventure Log

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses Their Staff…

In the Laghe Wiki

Free City

Government of Laghe

Cultures of Laghe

Shenanigans of Laghe